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A first step towards real sustainability.

In a world which main mission is Sustainability, where electrical cars, eco-friendly buildings and infrastructures and many more sustainable innovations are developing, our company can't do less: our silk is 100% green, with a fully-sustainable productive process.

A natural resource, an eco-friendly process_

Silk filament is a natural fiber obtained through a fully sustainable path. Analysis carried out on Carbon Footprint define silk as the only fiber in the world generating more oxygen than it consumes throughout its entire production. This fact is confirmed by a negative GWP parameter (Global Warming Potential), showing how silk production has no negative impact on global warming. 

Mulberry trees are not only crucial for silkworms’ lives, in fact, they are planted and cultivated ad-hoc; mulberry plants also give their contribution in reducing both CO2 emission and the greenhouse effect, protecting biodiversity and fighting against deforestation and land erosion. When they are cultivated and grow, Mulberry treess need no pesticide nor chemical substances, representing as well a fundamental source of income for many rural communities.



Ongetta and sustainability, a responsible production procedure.

We are aware that our leading position in the market and field in which we operate also represents, in the meantime, a relevant source of responsibility and a great opportunity: to show how we can be the best without giving up respect and proper management of the natural environment that surrounds us. Throughout our long history and expansion as a company, we have always followed and pursued full ethical, environmental and social sustainability. 

Recycling 100% of the wasted
derived from our
production procedures_

It has been quite a long time since we began to commit ourselves in recycling all sorts of wastes that may come out from our own productive processes, as well as of those deriving from the whole productive chain. We cooperate with the best Research&Development Laboratories as to create innovative materials based on silk waste re-use, keeping an attentive eye in not changing silk main features while doing that.

Constantly looking for new solutions on product development_

Either with our suppliers, customers or employees, we constantly try to start new initiatives in a responsible and conscientious way. We dedicate great efforts in research and development as to create a silk chain every day more controlled and eco-friendly; as to reach such great goal, we always try to involve as well any other actor of the textile field, encouraging them to follow our example.

Photovoltaic panels – 40% of electricity derived from renewable resources_

In 2019, we decided to install photovoltaic panels upon our entire production plants; the electricity coming from these panels supply our spinning machines, avoiding the emission of over 270.000kgs of CO2 substances in the atmosphere. The equivalent of planting 8200 new trees.


The raw materials and yarns we receive at our plants are conveyed into reusable packaging made with natural products. Further more, both in our own production and for the packaging of the goods we deliver, we only use auxiliary resources done with 100% reusable materials. 


Certified sustainability

We can provide our customers with eco-compatible products and with a series of international certifications proving our true and constant commitment towards such a crucial matter.



This is a moral, unilateral and public commitment, to which we have decided to take part some years ago. It shares the urgency to eliminate the emission of chemical dangerous substances in the atmosphere, substances which are often used in productive processes. It also takes a preventive approach, according to which we must take pre-emptive measures even if there are no scientific proofs concerning if and to which extent a chemical substance may be dangerous. In 2020, our company successfully took this important commitment to conclusion.



Our company is certified with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) for the production and selling of recycled silk items. The main aim is to reduce wastes as much as possible, favouring instead the implementation of products derived from recycling procedure, in full compliance with a set of environmental and social criteria.
GRS responds to the need of providing an environmental statement certified by a third party, a statement confirming both that items are derived from recycled materials, as well as the full respect of strict social and environmental parameters. The GRS standard is internationally supported and promoted by Textile Exchange, a non-profit organization operating all over the world for the promotion and development of sustainable productive paths in the textile field.



We have been the first twisting facility certified with GOTS for the production of organic yarns. GOTS is world leader in defining organic fiber production standards, here comprising a series of ecological and social criteria. Environmental parameters include, for example, the assessment of all chemical inputs, which must satisfy basic requirements linked to toxicity and biodegradability.



This standard is an independent system of control and certification, homogeneous on the international level when it comes to raw materials, semi-processed items and final products of the textile field at any step of their production, as well as for side materials. OEKO-TEX controls over toxic substances are mainly set up with an eye over final destination and use of materials and fabrics.


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