Ongetta is silk in all its forms. We protect and let silk world grow up by carefully following silk yarns productive processes. DISCOVER OUR COMPANY Research and innovation. Constantly looking for the latest novelties in the silk yarns world. DISCOVER OUR SILK YARNS Supporting our customers. Thanks to an attentive research and a meticulous selection, we can provide a wide range of silk-based fabrics. DISCOVER OUR FABRICS Discovering silk world. An ancient fiber with countless properties. DISCOVER MORE ABOUT SILK Ongetta and the environment. A natural fiber, an eco-friendly process. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR CERTIFICATIONS

Silk twisting has always been, and still is nowadays, strongly related to the Ongetta family.

Since over a century, our company combines historical craft capabilities with constant research and innovation.


Tradition and innovation for fashion.

Constantly looking
for new items_

Twisting silk yarns has always been and still is our core business. Our long experience in this field, together with the great passion and know-how, differentiated us and allowed us to become European leaders in the production of silk yarns. Based on such experience, we also developed a Department dealing with 100% silk fabrics.

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Silk, an ancient fiber
with countless properties_

Silk is a valuable and fine fiber, already acknowledged as a precious and refined material in the most ancient Empires. In fact, it became the symbol of aristocracy and eminent personalities. Silk is worldly famous for its elegance and perfection, for its shiny and soft touch, which all make it the perfect basis for unique and refined garments and accessories.

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A daily commitment
for sustainable fashion_

Silk is a natural fiber, derived from an eco-friendly path. Analysis over the carbon footprint demonstrates how silk is the only fiber generating more oxygen than it burns during the whole productive process.

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Our passions
and commitments_

Ongetta is sponsor to the SIC58 Racing Team. Over the last 20 years, we have been supporting young guys in their growth up to the MotoGP category, being also highly sensitive in the promotion of cultural initiatives related to the silk world.

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